Natural History of Kenya


Coke's Hartebeest photo © Michael Plagens

Snails, Slugs, Mollusks

African Land Snail and other Mollusks, photo © Michael Plagens


A Decapod Tunneling on the Beach at Malindi, photo © Michael Plagens
Kenya's Flag


Cup-shaped mushroom on rotting log photo © Michael Plagens


Spanish Needles, Bidens pilosa photo © Michael Plagens


Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater, photo © Michael Plagens

Spiders & Kin

Spiders, photo © Michael Plagens


Leopard Tortoise

Natural Areas

Kakamega Forest is the easternmost segment of the Africas equatorial rainforest. Photo © Michael Plagens
Physical Map of Kenya


Chrysomelid Beetles are leaf-eater, photo © Michael Plagens

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This website was initiated on the 24th of October 2010 just a week after returning to Arizona from my first visit to Kenya. As a person interested in every facet of Natural History I took many photos of plants, birds, animals and landscapes. These will form the core of my guide to Kenya Natural History. With time I hope to secure contributions of photos and other materials from others interested in putting together a comprehensive resource. To date there are 275 plant species, 213 arthropod species, 147 birds and mammals, and 7 fungi. More than 800 photos are now presented.

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updated 11 November 2014

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