Natural History of Kenya


Coke's Hartebeest photo © Michael Plagens

Snails, Slugs, Mollusks

African Land Snail and other Mollusks, photo © Michael Plagens


A Decapod Tunneling on the Beach at Malindi, photo © Michael Plagens
Kenya's Flag


Cup-shaped mushroom on rotting log photo © Michael Plagens


Spanish Needles, Bidens pilosa photo © Michael Plagens


Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater, photo © Michael Plagens

Spiders & Kin

Spiders, photo © Michael Plagens


Leopard Tortoise

Natural Areas

Kakamega Forest is the easternmost segment of the Africas equatorial rainforest. Photo © Michael Plagens
Physical Map of Kenya


Chrysomelid Beetles are leaf-eater, photo © Michael Plagens

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This website was initiated on the 24th of October 2010 a week after I returned to Arizona from my first trip to Kenya. As a person interested in every facet of Natural History I took many photos of plants, birds, animals and landscapes. These will form the core of my guide to Kenya Natural History. To date there are 504 plant species, 458 arthropod species, 297 birds and mammals, and 17 fungi. More than 800 photos are now presented.

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